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LALO Publishing Inc. works with authors to publish, design, edit, promote and sell your work.  We are a small, independent publishing company based in Front Royal, Virginia. We currently have five paperback books completed and several more planned for the upcoming months; see “Titles” for additional information about these books. Our “Ironing It Out” series is utilized by Conflict Management Consortium, LLC, as part of its training programs.


A lot of excellent writing remains on legal pads, in notebooks or on computers and does not get printed or published online. LALO Publishing Inc. believes that works like this should be seen and read by others. LALO Publishing, Inc. has its own editorial, marketing, and art staff and is always seeking new authors. It is our mission that the written words which are accepted for publishing by LALO Publishing will have their continued existence protected by LALO and available through the company’s websites. LALO Publishing arose from another project titled “Let Art Live On” which helps artists promote, display, sell and preserve their work.



LALO Publishing is looking for one or more interns who have an interest in the publishing field, have a suitable background; and, if possible, some marketing experience in the social media world. Location is not an issue, provided the intern can come to Front Royal, Virginia for a meeting, if required (expenses of approved travel will be reimbursed). If interested, please send an email with biographical data and contact information directly to Charles Lickson at



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