Front Royal, VA—The new publishing and conflict resolution training company recently launched in in Front Royal, VA, (Lalo Publishing, Inc. – LPI) has re-published and updated Ironing It Out: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict. The newest edition reflects the difficult times we lived through this past year – including the Covid Pandemic and a Presidential election. Both Charles Lickson (who authored the original and updated versions) and Bryane Lickson (who edited the new edition) have been involved with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for over a quarter of a century. Charles Lickson (known by many as “Chips”) is a former practicing attorney who decided many years ago to turn to non-traditional conflict resolution and become a mediator. He and his wife, Bryane, have trained hundreds of people in ADR processes.


Chips also had an extensive background in writing–as well as law. The first edition of Ironing It Out: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict was published in 1992. Prior to the latest edition, the last printed copy was published by Crisp Publications in 1996. Earlier editions of the book have sold thousands of copies and been translated into several foreign languages. As noted, it is now available in a brand new and updated edition.


Ironing It Out is also available in an inexpensive and handy summary Pocket Guide edition. Both are available at Amazon. About two years ago, Chips ventured into the fiction world. He spent over a year researching and writing his first fact-based fiction book, A Warrior Of Many Faces: An American Clandestine Operative in Castro’s Cuba and Beyond. That book is very timely with transition to a new President and possible new policies coming toward Cuba.


Bryane Miller Lickson is also an experienced writer. She has authored several articles and the book, Dignified Departure in 1994. This important book, “a complete national outline for preparing all necessary documents to control your death or that of a loved one,” was well received as a ground-breaking publication on living wills and durable powers of attorney.


As to Ironing It Out: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict, Chips said, “We decided to start this enterprise when it became clear that there was room for a publisher dedicated to the field of conflict resolution and willing to take on other titles as well,” said Chips Lickson. “We try to look at conflict and resolution in a new way and our new online newsletter is intended to help communicate these ideas in an approachable way,” he added. The website is:






NEW Short Course for November


Cuba and the United States: A Troubled History

Guest Lecturer: Charles Lickson


January 14 and January 21, 2021

9:30 - 11:30 am



"I have ever looked upon Cuba as the most interesting addition which could ever be made to our system of States."


Thomas Jefferson, in an 1823 letter to President James Monroe, wherein he discusses annexing Cuba.


Relations between the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America have long been intertwined. This two-part program explores key moments in ties between these two nations through both historical and policy perspectives.


Part one (January 14) focuses on the history of U.S.-Cuba relations from Colonial America through Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution.


Part two (January 21) focuses on post-Revolution relations, U.S. policy under the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Obama, and Trump administrations, and offers a glance into a post-Castro future.


About the Presenter:


Charles Lickson developed an early interest in Cuba dating back to his university days at Johns Hopkins and his senior thesis, "The Cuban Revolution as a Challenge to the Monroe Doctrine".


Lickson's experience as a writer-researcher, former practicing attorney, adjunct professor of political science, and conflict resolution specialist offers a unique insight into the Cuba-U.S. bilateral relationship. These experiences also inform his new fictional work, A Warrior of Many Faces, which chronicles the perilous assignments of J.C. Herbert Bryant, an 18-year old U.S. Navy Frogman, in the immediate aftermath of the Cuban Revolution.


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