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September-October 2022 Newsletter

This edition of the Ironing It Out Newsletter and subsequent issues will be distributed by Conflict Management Consortium, LLC. (CMC). Due to many business factors, we will now offer (still free) issues bimonthly. CMC will continue to offer archived (past) editions of the Ironing It Out Newsletter, If you are looking up past issues, please enter the Contact page.


Among the early firms to recognize the coming potential of alternatives to the traditional legal system and arbitration, was Mediate-Tech, Inc. formerly of Charlottesville, Virginia. Charles P. Lickson, a former federal law clerk and practicing attorney formed Mediate-Tech after he had taken mediation training from the Community Mediation Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Harrisonburg Center was among the earliest organizations in Virginia to achieve success in resolving disputes of many kinds from many sources. The Harrisonburg firm was heavily influenced by the faculty, staff and philosophy of Eastern Mennonite University’s Conflict Management and Peace Studies program and its faculty.

In a press interview during the Obama administration where there appeared gridlock between Congress and the Presidency, Lickson had offered possibilities of mediation to both the President’s office and the Majority Leader of Congress. Although there was no response by either, he told the interviewer what had led him to form an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm. He told the reporter that he missed professional practice but was clear that he did not miss lawyering. Lickson started the mediation firm after he moved to Virginia in 1988. Before giving up his law practice, he had been admitted to practice in Connecticut and federal courts in Connecticut, New York, Oklahoma and Colorado. in the U.S. Court of Claims, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and in the United States Supreme Court. While in Charlottesville before forming MTI, he served a term as president of the Community Mediation Center of Charlottesville.

Principals in Mediate-Tech, in addition to Lickson included several lawyers and non-lawyers from other professions. Mediate-Tech became MTI Resolutions and eventually, Conflict Management Consortium (CMC-Resolution). which was co-founded with Bryane M. Lickson.

CMC has had a web presence for several years through Lalo Publishing, Inc. (suppliers of training materials to CMC) thanks to Tom Wible, long-time webmaster for Lalo.

In a major rejuvenation of CMC earlier this year, as noted in earlier edition of the Newsletter, Jim Martin had come aboard as Executive Vice President and Director of Operations. He is also a trained mediator, facilitator and trainer.

The new website: has been professionally constructed by Matrimont, Inc. – under the direction of Martin. Currently, CMC is planning another Train the Trainer program which will be presented “in-person” before the end of the year in Front Royal. Open trainings (where members of the general public, government and private organizations) will be offered in 2023.

CMC continues now to offer its confidential dispute resolution services including mediation conducted by trained professionals. Mediation, an alternative to traditional dispute resolution through the legal system, can be offered both in-person and online.


Commentary By: Bryane M. Lickson

In addition to our CMC’S conflict avoidance first – and, if necessary, resolution business, we try to remain ever alert to relevant happenings in the rest of the world. If all disputes could only be settled by asking Elizabeth, Queen of England to help, perhaps the conflict might somehow majestically go away. At the very least they would have been influenced by her quiet power. However, as we all know, she has now passed away – and we don’t quite know what effect that will have in England, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, here in the U.S. and in the rest of the world.

We know that she knew the Commonwealth, as opposed to the “Empire”, has changed substantially in her long lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth endured many conflicts, some of which, such as: the Princess Diana; son Prince Andrew’s friendship with accused – now deceased - sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein and the Sussexes (Prince Harry and Megan), were known by the public, and there are likely many disparate conflicts both within the Royal family and within the Commonwealth that were not well known.

Somehow, Queen Elizabeth managed to deal with them in her own most dignified way. Some of these “quiet” conflicts were resolved and likely some were not, but the late Queen still is as an example of possibilities for resolution of disputes in a non-traditional way.

Perhaps, her long service was attributable to her quiet personal style pf great strength which gave everyone, in her family and beyond, pause to really listen when she spoke.

Her funeral which was broadcast worldwide was a tribute deserved and which touched the hearts of her admirers around the globe.

As Queen Elizabeth took her lady-like leave, it may have then been realized that her personal style – reigning without ruling – was so effective. It will probably take many months for us to see how England’s new King Charles will handle crises within his own (Royal) family and elsewhere. According post-funeral press reports from the U.K., the word from England is that the majority of people are supportive.


It doesn’t take a genius or even a crystal ball to know that October already has been and early November will be filled with allegations of “dirty tricks” and that the outcome of the Mid-Term elections will be fodder for further challenges to the U.S. election systems – and according to the Left and the Right – might ultimately, even put democracy in jeopardy.

To both parties, the very existence of the American system of government is at stake. Those of us in the conflict avoidance and resolution profession can only hope that the elections will be handled in an appropriate way – and that disputes (which are inevitable) will be resolved peacefully.

News From Lalo Publishing

Todd Denick, the author of IT WILL COME: ALASKA ADVENTURES PALE IN COMPARISON TO SURVIVING SEPSIS is podcasting and working to promote his book. According to Lalo Publishing sales have come in from Europe as well as the United States. September was International Sepsis Awareness month. Todd’s interview several months ago and description of his battle with Sepsis can be found at: at Town Talk, July 10, 2022. Other titles available and upcoming titles from Lalo Publishing can be seen at:

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