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The Gun Conundrum

Statistics from other countries show that the mere presence of many guns does not have to lead to mass shootings and high crime rates. Let’s take both Switzerland and Israel as examples. As true in many countries of the world, during a period of service in the armed forces, a soldier (male or female) takes a weapon home or with him/her at all times. But, they cannot access ammunition easily. Ammunition is given out by proper authority as needed. I can recall seeing military weapons carried by (or strapped onto backs of) young people in both Switzerland and Israel (where certain national service is a requirement of all citizens). Riding a bus late at night in Israel years ago – from Haifa in the north to Tel Aviv, passengers included several young adults in military uniform – men and women – who had military rifles slung across their backs – with loaded ammunition magazines strapped to their weapon – BUT NOT LOADED.

I realized that the then political situation might call for them to quickly swing into action with loaded weapons.

In truth, crime in Switzerland is very low – especially if guns are included. And in Israel, where the political situation is more volatile, actual crime is low and mass shootings are very rare.

Maybe there is a lesson here regarding ammunition – which is now easily available in the U.S. depending on the city and state. Let us hope some Congressional action is taken – soon.

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