By: Karen Batiyov

Editorial Note: Karen Batiyov’s comment flows from her concern that the term “Patrimony” flows from gender inequality as described in Allan Johnson’s book The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patrimonial Legacy. Wikipedia’s definition includes “… a right or estate inherited from one’s father or other ancestor through the male line”.

I respond to Tom Wible’s comment [referring to the draft Alito opinion the Roe case] “Fragile men project their own fragility onto God and their God is male and does not believe in women’s equality.”

It’s called Patriarchy! Add to that the women who are taught to support and protect patriarchy in the guise of "for your own good” – the enablers; Phyllis Schlaffly is a good example, but there are many, many more who, unlike Schlaffly, have no national reputation.


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