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July-August Newsletter


The recent indictments of a former United States President are formidable events in our time and of considerable historical consequence for this country. At this writing, there are both State and Federal cases pending against Donald J. Trump. According to media reports in the U.S. and worldwide press, there is world-wide interest in the charges against former President Trump. As I write, a Georgia State Grand Jury has issued an indictment alleging charges against Former President Trump and 18 allies. Because of activities in and around the 2000 U.S. national election, there exists possibilities of additional indictments (State and Federal) against former President Trump.

Recent press reports have raised the possibility of a Republican move toward an Impeachment Inquiry against Joe Biden, current U.S. President. This publication has tried carefully to avoid taking positions on political (and other) issues, however, we also recognize the significance of criminal charges against a sitting or former United States President.

There can be no question that these allegations and pending and planned litigation involving the former President and a number of others is the primary story in the press world about conflict and resolution.

Also, it does not look as if these matters can be resolved using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). At Conflict Management Consortium, LLC, we promote use of ADR in most cases, but not all. Some matters have to be tried because the U.S. and the world need legal, binding and precedential decisions in certain cases. In our work and in the efforts of many others in the field of conflict resolution, we look for the common-ground, We also look for the opportunity in every kind of dispute. At this point, it is hard to see where there might be common ground for parties to settle disputes and allegations arising out of the 2000 election.

We are suspending publication of this newsletter at this time.. We expect to resume sending out this little newsletter in the future. We all hope the Constitutional crises which have arisen here in the United States involving former (and even sitting) Presidents will be resolved in the near future.

Charles P. Lickson

President -Lalo Publishing, Inc.

President - Senior Neutral – Conflict Management Consortium, LLC

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