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While some of the individuals involved with LALO Publishing, Inc. have been in and around conflict and resolution for many years, the Company itself is new. Formed in late 2019, LALO Publishing grew out of the concept of “Let Art Live On"–but with a new focus on writing rather than fine or visual arts.

The new company was started by Charles and Bryane Lickson with the support of Jennifer Nicholson, a Director of the Company and successful business person in the Front Royal, Virginia area. The Licksons have been involved with alternative dispute resolution for over a quarter of a century. Charles Lickson (known by many as “Chips”) is a former practicing attorney who decided many years ago to turn to non-traditional conflict resolution and become a mediator before he met his wife Bryane. She was an artist and business woman living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia at the time the couple met in Charlottesville, VA.

Chips also had a background in writing–as well as law. The first edition of Ironing It Out: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict was published in 1992. Chips Lickson also wrote the Use of ADR to Resolve Technology or Innovation Disputes for the Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company, a division of Thomson Legal Publishing, Inc. in 1993.

Bryane Miller Lickson, had written several articles and the book, Dignified Departure–in 1994. This book, “A Complete National Outline for Preparing All Necessary Documents to Control Your Death or That of a Loved One,” was well received and was a ground-breaking publication on living wills and durable powers of attorney.

Both Licksons are also fine visual artists. Their paintings are in many collections and online (at The Licksons enrolled Jennifer Nicholson into their “Let Art Live On” (“LALO”) internet and physical art services and support firm. A number of other artists joined the Licksons in the LALO concept. Nicholson liked the philosophical concept of art living on–and became a founding director.

With the Pandemic of 2020 coming soon, it quickly became apparent that art galleries would suffer and the Licksons and Nicholson decided to place the art side inactive–until the market might become more viable. 

The “written word” was always near and dear to both Chips and Bryane Lickson, as multi-published authors.

In late 2018 and through most of 2019, Chips Lickson was busy writing his first fact-based fiction book, A WARRIOR OF MANY FACES. It also became clear that there was room for a publisher dedicated to the field of conflict resolution and who was willing to take on other titles.

By 2020, Chips Lickson was engaged in revising and updating his earlier book, Ironing It Out. This book had sold thousands of copies world-wide and certain foreign rites had been sold.

LALO Publishing (LPI) was now under-way. Carol Cable, an experienced and well-regarded professional artist and book designer had done a wonderful cover for Warrior. she asked to become Manager of Arts and Design for LPI and agreed. Now, LPI needed someone to head its marketing outreach effort.

Jorge Amselle was a multi-published author, very familiar with internet capability, who had a background somewhat similar to Chips (Political Science and Law) and was intrigued by the concept of non-traditional conflict resolution.

In May, 2020, Jorge joined LPI as Vice President–Marketing and Communications.

“We are so delighted to have him be part of Lalo Publishing because he brings so much to our table,” said founder Bryane Lickson, Chairman of the new company’s Board of Directors.

Amselle, who also teaches, has designed and manages the Lalo Publishing website ( and  conceptualized the Ironing It Out series of books for LPI. In fact, Amselle is at work, along with LPI Staff on a new book involving resolving disputes which might arise from working remotely. The new book is expected by late Fall or early Winter, 2020.

This new “blog-letter” (not an original term) is very timely. “We’ll try to look at conflict and resolution in a new way,” said Chips Lickson author of both the updated Ironing It Out and the new Pocket Guide to Ironing It Out, from LPI. He added: “I’m looking forward to Jorge’s helping with marketing all of our new books and to work with him. I also hope to hear from other people who might have something to say in this blog-letter and even a book proposal for our firm.”

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