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The Great Loss of Senator Robert Dole

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

No one was surprised by the recent death of former Senator “Bob” Dole. Although many people remembered him, many did not know he was still alive until his death was announced early this month. News sources have covered his life, including his military service in World War II and the wounds (which would end any optimism in lesser folk) and of his Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars with “V’ for valor. He would go on to a great career in the U.S. Senate, in Presidential races and one of the most active post-Senate careers in history. This later life meant great service to non-profit organizations and to his own success in the private sector.

Yes, he was a committed member of the Republican Party and referred to himself as a conservative. And yes, he was special. Part of our remembrance of Bob Dole, as a Congressman and Senator from Kansas. and Chair of the Republican Party, was the esteem in which he was held by members of both political parties. He was motivated in all of his work by the aegis of moving forward, if possible. If forward movement meant working with the other political party as well as his own – so be it. Bi-partisanship became a skill under his leadership. Sadly, it has become too rare these days.

My wife Bryane and I had the good fortune of meeting him some years ago at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. Senator Dole had retired from the Senate and political campaigns by then. He was the guest speaker at a seated dinner in support of research into prostate disease. Our host and hostess were Sir Clive and Lady Joy Bourne of the United Kingdom. Sir Clive has since passed away from prostate cancer. He had founded the Prostate Cancer Charitable Trust in the U.K. At the dinner, Bob Dole was well informed, funny, charming and amazingly without pretense.

Today, unfortunately bi-partisanship has become a dirty word in the political climate. Many of those good people, again from both parties, who are used to operating in a collaborative fashion have already left or are planning on leaving the political arena – rather than fight for their own agenda with a view toward “working things out.”

Bob Dole’s life was celebrated at a very moving service at The National Cathedral attended by former Presidents, Members of both political parties and numerous dignitaries and fields. During the service, U.S. Senate Chaplain, Barry Black, in his homily, delivered December 10, 2021, referred to him as a “covert spiritual agent”. The service was followed with a visit by the funeral party to the World War II Memorial . Elizabeth Dole, her a former Senator, was escorted by General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Senator Bob Dole had been the prime mover of this long overdue tribute to World War II veterans. The monument is also located in D.C. There was another service with speakers in Kansas where he was buried.

What about the Pandemic and Mandates?

Even inside the small LALO Publishing world, opinion on Government mandates at federal, state and local levels when it comes to vaccinations to deal with Covid-19 and its variants is controversial.

The power and authority to issue such orders may not be the question. The real question plaguing governments and private organizations is the question of Choice.

Anti-mandate people are not shy about “personal choice” issues around mandates. Pro-mandate people and organizations contend that illness and life itself are the issue. If it takes mandates to protect life itself or prevent illness, they must prevail in the debate – if there is one.

At press time for the IIO Newsletter, the debate rages throughout the United States, but also disease rages. What will happen next is unknown – even as the reported Covid and variant death toll has now sadly surpassed 800,000 Americans. We will have more to say on this life and death debate.

Introducing a New Small Feature:

Starting this month, each issue will share an update on the Murphy Rules (“If it can go wrong, it will”). This new feature is called: “Murphy-isms for These Times”.

The December, 2021 Murphy-ism:

“A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush – unless the value of the birds is in crypto-currency; if so we don’t know the value.”

New Book from LALO

Lalo Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of an important and timely new book by Todd Denick:

The book is now available for order on Amazon (in both paperback and Kindle version) and on the company website. Todd, an American originally from Virginia, now living in Germany, had ventured into interior Alaska. He became an experienced “musher” (dog-sledder), and was living alone when he met a German visitor to Alaska – who bacame his wife. After they moved to Germany, Todd was given a medication which led to major infection – and sepsis. This true story, written in fact-based fiction style, appears after the headline grabbing scare of President Bill Clinton being diagnosed with sepsis while in California. He survived this killer-condition, yet 270,000 people each year in America do not.

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